The Cities of Anghir

The Chyrrkhans live mainly dispersed in small settlements. In the mountains, they have enclosed villages; in the lowlands and by the rivers, they live in big separate estates. This is the reason why there are so few settlements in Anghir we could call towns, let alone cities. All these towns are located within the area of the mightiest tribal union of the Erighani.

First, it is the only harbor of Anghir called Nirruch, which is the heart of a small area of the Tighans – the seafarers. Nirruch, however, is not a typical city. It has no walls and it is dense and asymmetrical town laid out on the side of a big mountain rising above a sea bay.

On the midstream of Chermaghin lies wooden Sirrach, the largest and the only real city of Anghir, which is, unlike Nirruch, surrounded by a continuous wall with a wooden palisade.

The last settlement that can, with a bit of exaggeration, be called a city is the famous town of blacksmiths and miners, Zerach, upstream of Birighin. Halfway between Sirrach and Zerach lies the above-mentioned king’s fortress Dowril Awrakh.

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