Author’s Word

Welcome to the Yorrân website for the English-speaking audience.

You have just entered the world of the original fantasy saga, which has been created in the Czech Republic.

Today, the whole saga contains 5 books and I’m currently working on the 6th book. The volume of the text has significantly surpassed the magical threshold of thousand finished pages and the whole saga has several storylines, each dedicated to one of the main characters whose paths cross.

And why do I tell you this?

When I started thinking about where to start and how to present this large world to the English-speaking reader, I did hesitate. As with all the epic stories, the story of this saga rolls out slowly and presents the world and its characters in their entirety. However, introducing the whole world at once would mean translating a great amount of text. That’s why I’ve decided to choose the storyline of only one main character with which the whole saga began.

His name is Abarhil, he comes from the city of Merélos and the book, that you’ll soon have the opportunity to read, tells the story of a year in his life.

This young man has just left his family home and set off, tasked by his father, for a sail far to the South. Although he expects his journey to take almost a year, he has no idea that he’s stepped on a path of no return where he’ll spend long decades. He must take this path to fulfill his destiny and find out and understand who he really is. The short version of the novel flows, is full of action and twists, and culminates with an epic battle.

From all the 5 books that exist as of today, this one is part of the second which carries the name The Wayfarer. Its text has been cut for the translation purposes and adjusted into this novel. It was not an easy decision for me as the author. Naturally, I would like to evolve the story rather than shorten it. But after all, this whole journey began years ago with the main character leaving his hometown, and thus I have chosen this part as the first that will meet the eyes of the audience outside of the Czech Republic.

I believe I’ve made the right decision and I hope that English-speaking readers will embrace this character, as well as the Czech readers, did. In that case, my translator and I are ready to offer you the whole, uncut version of The Wayfarer and then also the first part of the saga In The Times Of Shadows.

Our Czech-speaking fans have an extensive website available with tens of posts that are supposed to ease up the orientation within this vast and detailed world. The curious reader can find illustrations, maps, the genealogy of noble families, depictions of each land, parts of their history. Simply everything that a real fantasy fan expects from an epic fantasy.

This website can be found at

We have translated those parts in English that are relevant to the story of the novel and you can find them under the tabs of this website.

As usual, I’d like to ask you to share your opinion and feedback. Only this way we will know whether we should continue our effort.

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