Czech website

Our Czech-speaking fans have an extensive website available with tens of posts that are supposed to simplify the orientation within the vast and detailed world of Yorrân. The curious reader can find illustrations, maps, the genealogy of noble families, depictions of each land, parts of their history. Simply everything that a real fantasy fan expects from an epic fantasy. I would also like to mention the name of my wonderful collaborator and illustrator Peter Elias whose amazing illustrations depict the atmosphere of Yorran‘s world. You can find other illustrations of this talented draftsman. To enter on his Facebook profile –  click here , on Instagram here

The content of the Czech website grows with every new book as there are new places, unknown parts of the world, and new characters to introduce to the reader.

 Yorrân is a mythological and epic fantasy with elements of high fantasy and the reader can find everything they expect from a real fantasy story.

To enter the website, click the image.