Testimonials of Czech readers

Since Yorran has already released 5 books in the Czech Republic, some testimonials do refer to the entire series. The story in English is not yet as big and as evolved but at least you can get the taste of how the story resonates with the Czech readers.

Anonymous: A Christmas present – a dream come true

October 8th, 2015; official website forum (https://www.yorran.cz/clanky/forum—forum.html)

I bought the book for my son as a Christmas present. I started reading it on a vacation and it caught my attention. Because our whole family loves books, I quickly „lost“ the book. My brother-in-law borrowed it and then it circled around the whole family and it hasn’t returned to me yet. This is my way of thanking the author to print one more book for me. But I have lost that one as well. My son took it with him to England where he is studying.

It’s a very interesting and strong story. The truth is I got lost in the number of names and characters from time to time. However, the author clarified this with a list I downloaded from his website and kept by the book. I think I can speak for my whole family if I say we are looking forward to the next part.

P.S. I’ve forgotten to praise the illustrator. The illustrations are incredibly detailed.


July 30th, 2016; Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30508268-yorr-n-i)

I didn’t want to read it at the beginning but when I started I could not stop. It was like a drug. It’s not a classic fantasy work that I’m used to, but it adds the magic to Yorran, in my opinion. The characters are simply great – there are many of them and each is specifically unique. The Wayfarer is outlining something big in the background, and that’s why we’ll hear about it in the future!


June 12th, 2017; Czech book database (https://www.databazeknih.cz/knihy/yorran-yorran-i-poutnik-260466)

A well-created universe with its own history, a great main character, actually several of them; there’s not just one story but several interconnected stories. This series is flawless. I have finished all 4 released books and I am riveted by it. Don’t get discouraged by the number of names and places and the unknown name of the author, this book will reward you. I really need to recommend everyone who likes fantasy (let’s not mix it up with the fantasy genre, it’s not 100% it), adventure or colorful characters, do not hesitate. This world has great potential to become a big thing. I am already looking forward to the next part.

Marek: I’m really looking forward to the 2nd part

May 18th, 2016; official website forum (https://www.yorran.cz/clanky/forum—forum.html)

I finished The Wayfarer today and I must say I am riveted by the book. I am a sort of a dreamer and I can vividly imagine what Abarhil’s world looks like. I like how the author opened several storylines and I’m curious about how the stories of each character will evolve. I didn’t have a problem with the number of names but it may come once the 2nd part is released and I don’t remember all the details anymore. So what; if so, I will read The Wayfarer again before the 2nd part.

Lotrinka: I’m hoping in the 5th chapter.

June 3rd, 2018; official website forum (https://www.yorran.cz/clanky/forum—forum.html)

I have finished the fourth chapter, Through the Valley of Shadows, and I can’t wait for the follow-up. I think that this saga has no comparison in the Czech lands, and it’s very tempting and readable. At least for me, it is. I carefully observe the story of each character and I don’t find it confusing at all, perhaps a little more fatal – predestined, as it usually is in a real fantasy story. I wish a soft pen and many ideas to the author. I can’t wait.

Jaromir: Book number 5 finished

November 3th, 2018; official website forum (https://www.yorran.cz/clanky/forum—forum.html)

So, I have finished the Choose Life and I am very pleasantly surprised. I begin to like the series more and more. The more or less simple story begun in the Pilgrim is getting really entangled and partially disentangled, and I devour the book to know what is going to happen. And because it has been a few years since I read it, I’ve re-read all 5 books and I wouldn’t change a thing in the Pilgrim. I would recommend extending the map of the near South to the North to Dorminar and adding the name White City (as it used to be in old maps with Czech names by the German towns); that may have confused me in the past. I must repeat that this series, unlike others, is becoming more and more interesting with each book, and I don’t need to force myself to finish. 

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